Central Area of Mecca(old propousal)

Plan for the Central Area of Mecca

The planning concept of the central area of the holy city of mecca depends on establishing radial roads as well as ring roads, with Alkaa'ba as its focal point. A ring road with a radius of 530 meters is currently under construction with Alkaa'ba at its center . Its length is 3,400 meters and it covers an inside area of to this project is approximately more economic activities. This was presented by Mr Yousef bin Awadh Al Ahmari,with the sponsorship of his Royal Highness Prince Turki Bin Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Al Saud, in coordination with The Consulting firm of his Excellency,the engineer Omar Abdullah Al Qadhi.

(the white circle not allowed to invest on it anymore the current projects/Building inside it is Hilton hotel,Abraj al Bait,Dar al Towhed hotel and al Safa Palace)

Source :AL BENAA Magazine Vol 28 #207

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