Makkah Project

Here's a list some of the major projects in Makkah,

Jabal AlKabaa
Area: 42,000 sq m
9 propused hotel towers (20-25 floors)
1 under uonstruction hotel tower (25 floors)

Jabal Omar
Area: 230,000 sq m
2 hotel towers (50 floors)
2 residential towers (48 floors)
7 residential towers (30 floors)
4 office towers (15 floors)

King AbdulAziz Road
5 km long
60 m wide
Land reclimation along both sides of the road.
An elevated mosque

Jabal Khidimah
Land Development project
Area: 137,000 sq m (phase I)
600,000 (phase II)

Land Development Project

Ajyad Hospital and Hotel Tower
24 floors hotel + 7 floors hospital

Al Shurfah Project
Residential tower (22 floors)

Burj Al-ewar
21 floors

Multlaq Tower
26 floors

Abraj Al-Bait
6 residential towers (32-47 floors)
1 hotel tower (76 floors)

Saudia Tower
32 floors

Le Meridian Towers
Area: 165,000 sq m
8 hotel towers (22 floors each)

Emar Makkah Towers
three 22 sotreys residential towers
Location: East of Makkah (Kindy District)
Developer: Rikaz
Status: Under-construction

Jabal Alqala'a
Area: 29,585 sq m
Land reclamation for 5 propused hotel towers

Bait Makkah 12 Tower
24 floors
Location: Prince Majed Road (4200 m East of the holy Mosque)
Status: Under Construction

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