Ajyad new hospital

 Project location: 

Mecca for the South Central Area 
For the campus of South-east of Mecca's Holy Mosque in Mecca Sharif 

North Ajyad through the dam and the small-market tunnel 
East and the positions of the Ministry of Holy Affairs 
South Ring Road in the first tunnel 
West through the Ajyad General 

  Objectives of the project: 

The project aims to establish a health-based residential and commercial hotel in the east of the site reserved for him at the hospital and the current development of the current site Ktusap of the Haram al-Sharif on the grounds that the development plan include the following: 
1. The establishment of an integrated hospital and medical center equipped with the latest advanced technologies. 
2nd To provide the finest services and emergency aid. 
3rd Securing diagnostic and therapeutic services. 
4th Ensure better communication between the project and the grounds of the campus. 
5th Upgrading the infrastructure of the surrounding area. 
6th Contribute to the expansion of fields around the Grand Mosque to pray and to provide appropriate services to them. 
7th Establishment of a residential hotel to provide superior hotel services, decent visitors to the White-man's land and to ensure the best possible overview of the old house. 
8th Submit a draft high architectural and integrated with the surrounding residential environment through the efforts made by the body to the upgrading of the central region. 

 Project description: 

Hospital integrated with a number of the upper floors of the building of an investment project to stop after a number of years of campus-Makki al-Sharif. With a total area of 1110.000 m 2 (apart from the mezzanine and parking services and the roles and the role of prayer) is of about 20,000 m 2 for the establishment of a hospital Bttaghizadtha by the Ministry of Health specifications and requirements of the rest of the area would be for investment. 

Site total area: 0.52 hectares. 
Absorptive capacity of the project: 4495 people. 
from: http://www.mpd.gov.sa

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