Development project Shamia

Development project Shamia
 Location and Area:

Shamia located in a series of development projects by the government to develop the areas surrounding Mecca's Holy Shrine
And re-configured to be more appropriate to the needs of the region and visitors,
The project covers an area of one million five hundred thousand square meters, almost
Ranging from parties to the Haram al-Sharif after the second ring road north and east, the Grand Mosque Street
The road to the west of Jabal Kaaba
The outline includes Shamia and Grol and Qarara and Anaka The area intended for development of three million square meters
Distributed to a number of different activities including:

Hotels and hotel accommodation and shopping malls, markets and public services in addition to permanent housing
For the people of the region and related services

The absorptive capacity of the project about two hundred and fifty thousand people in addition to
The capacity of the worshipers of about four hundred thousand worshipers.

project Shamia Services and facilities:
Stages of the scheme consists of Shamia the main axes of the infantry and the hotels listed
It is composed of three levels, separated by a broad street
And lined by a string of hotels in central linear phased
Allowed to Balitalal on the Haram al-Sharif
Characterized this group of hotels near the campus grounds and ruins it
The project consists of residential castle, a group of buildings devoted highest mountain of the Indian hotel accommodation
Permanent housing and has developed a physical style inspired

North Gate of the project, a major milestone in the project consists of a special tower mediating a large yard
Surrounded by a group of medium-rise buildings that have been allocated to the activities of the commercial and shopping
Cut off the bottom of the plant gate and consists of five floors containing
Bus station and car garages, where the garages of some cars (10500) car and a bus

 project Shamia 2 Objectives of the project
- Development of physical environment to suit the place of the Holy Mosque in Mecca Sharif.
- Integration with the structural plan for the development of the central region of Mecca.
- The restructuring of the road network in order to:
Expansion of the Haram al-Sharif yards to accommodate the largest number of worshipers.
Actor placement for the entire study area.
- Ensuring public safety for residents and visitors by:
Separation of pedestrian traffic on the movement of vehicles.
Construction Law.
Safe and rapid exit of the crowds of pilgrims from the northern side of campus.
- Alleviate the pressure of urban development in the area on the borders of the Haram al-Sharif directly.
- Linking the interior of the benefits of Shamia developers, and the distribution of value of real estate development process.

Impact on the development of the Shamia squares-Haram Al-Sharif
- Expansion of the Haram al-Sharif yards from the north and north-west at a depth of 120 meters,
Taking into account the limits of land and buildings, and the network of roads, the natural terrain of the site to avoid any sharp rapids.

- Interior design arenas in Shamia to be integrated into the courtyards of the Haram al-Sharif to take into account the point of the direction of Qibla
And secure optical communication Noble for the possibility of prayer.

Services and land uses

Organization of land uses that serve visitors in the vicinity of the Haram al-Sharif.
To maintain the proportions of people living in different parts of the study area.

Allocation of 7% of the total area of public services.

Schools - a fire station - the police station - Clinic - public facilities.

Determining the area to cut the ground floor of the development of
900 square meters, as the requirements of secure garage.
Stages of development:

Studies have been prepared for the start of stages of development, which takes a

10 years
At a total cost of 40 billion rials
Comes in the form of stages of beginning to develop infrastructure and provide the site with full services
Which make it up to date in the world ..!!
It is expected that the duration of the first phase which will begin soon about 3 years

6 billion riyals compensation

Were observed more than 6 thousand million in compensation for the project will be tasked with Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia, the implementation of the expansion
Will be eliminated, and nearly 1000 real estate for the benefit of this major project


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Mohamed Samara,

Thank you for this beautiful insight into the project Shamia.

With your permission I will post a gallery of some pictures on facebook (wait for your permission)

I am absolutely convinced of the spiritual background of the holy Kaabah since I discovered the incorporated idea of development in it without the use of any Qur'an text, which I - as a Christian - am not familiar with.

Hugs, peace and brotherly love

Albert Bernard Jansen, eMBA
Lecturer International Economics, Journalism with Yang En University
Province Fujian, P.R.C.
(dutch nationality)

Anonymous said...

All this project is just awesome and Saudi Government is doing a huge investment on this project for providing better facilities to hajj ad umrah pilgrims.